Following a study into public transport options for alleviating increasing levels of congestion along the Flemington Road – Northbourne Avenue corridor, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government announced a potential Light Rail service, which would provide an additional mode to Canberra’s public transport system. To date business cases have been developed for Stages 1 and 2. Stage 1 is well into construction.


Client requirements

VLC assisted the project teams of both stages by providing demand forecasts and economic modelling for the business case as well as for the design of the systems.


Delivered outcome

VLC modelled many future scenarios and produced demand forecast estimates which informed the business case for the new light rail system. VLC produced reports of the inputs, assumptions and the results of the model and policy suggestions.  

In this process, VLC also investigated the underlying behavioural assumptions of light rail mode choice. The approach required an iterative process of testing different light rail alignment and integrated bus network options. In this regard, VLC worked closely with the other technical advisors to ensure that the transport modelling was seamlessly integrated with the design of the bus network and supports the economic analysis.